Heather H.   "The simple yet delightful flavors of the coffees are worth every penny."

Sonny R.   "A great atmosphere and excellent service make this coffee stops one of the best places in the area."

Frank L.   "Best Chai Tea I have tasted. 
Great Customer service to go with it!"

Jill,   "I have had Frappes at other places, but this is the best one I have ever tasted". 

Rick A. " The Vanilla Frappe was delicious, but the Chocolate Peanut Butter is fantastic also!" 

Mark S. "Yummy and Service was great too!!!"

Sarah   "I travel past Hamilton to go here because the drinks taste great" 

Annette   "I love the Chai teas and with my choice of 4 flavors, I can switch and try them all. 

John   "I enjoy the Carmel Pecan Latte and the Black Cherry Mochas best!" 

Sue M. "The fruit smoothies are delicious and good for me too.....lots of flavors to choose from"

Brad  " The Carmel Pecan Frappe is my favorite" 

Mike " They make a really good Java Chip frappe and even have a Honeydew flavor too"

Darby Espress-O 

Drive Thru Coffee Hut